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Can you run?


N.B - Actual running may be against health and safety legislation

Fancy being a full time runner? If you’re free during May, have a car and live in Newbury or the surrounding villages, we’re looking for you! Do want to gain a bit of experience on set, improve your tea making skills and just love picking people up from the station and dropping of equipment to other locations? Oh yes, it’s glamour and then some, but it’s how we all began! If you fancy it, then please contact us:

p.s – If you just want to be a runner part time, don’t drive or live further away from Newbury, then we’ll be putting a call out for you in a few days.

p.p.s – A little smile goes a long way!

p.p.p.s – We’re giving away 20,000 bags of sweets! Just visit to get yours!