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A look at shooting a scene


Many people have got in contact asking for a bit more of an inside “look” at shooting a scene from The Sweet Shop. Well our “making of guy” Will Riddell has put together a little teaser for those interested! Thanks for this Will – introducing Matthew Lewis, Susan Hoecke and Seb Hurtado in – Scene 53 (catchy name huh!)


Internal Publicity Day


In the midst of shooting “The Sweet Shop”, the cast and crew have taken a break from filming to carry out an internal publicity day. This saw the major cast members get together to sign limited edition t-shirts (for future competitions) and posters, have “poster photos” taken, radio interviews and lots lots more (including munching on a wide variety of food it turned out). For those interested in seeing Gemma Atkinson, Susan Hoecke, Matthew Lewis and Vanessa Haywood strut their stuff, click play below!

Interview with studio photographer Helen Thurwell!


We recently held a press day for the main cast of The Sweet Shop at MWS Studios. Within the very busy day, our photographer Helen Thurwell set up her studio and took shots of the actors in character. You can read an interview with Helen by clicking ‘read more’.

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Video: Interview with Susan Hoecke


We recently sat down with The Sweet Shop actress, Susan Hoecke, to speak to her about her role and how she approaches a new script. Check out the interview below….

Interview with Susan Hoecke – coming soon