Seb Hurtado


Seb Hurtado

Seb Hurtado


It is with great sadness that we have learned of the untimely death of Seb Hurtado, the lead male actor in our recent feature film production The Sweet Shop.

MWS Media have extended our condolences to Seb’s family.

“As the lead actor in The Sweet Shop and as a friend, we had the greatest respect and affection for Seb. He was a wonderful, talented actor and a kind person who provided us all with many great memories from the times we spent with him.” Tom Furr, Director of Marketing.

For anyone wishing to pay their respects, following instruction from family members, MWS Media would like to point you in the direction of the charity ‘PAPYRUS’.

Seb Hurtado was born in London to a Spanish father and English mother. His days of performing began at a young age appearing at the Royal Opera House in the production Attila and playing in two bands from the age of 14 at various UK venues. After completing further education in Music he spent a year traveling and living in Spain and New York.

After graduating from Mountview, Seb appeared in a number of theatrical performances including the lead in ‘Til I Die’ at the Old Red Lion Theatre and ‘The Grope Box’ at The Drill Hall Theatre under award winning director Rikki Beadle-Blair.

He also completed a short Film and a teaser for television under the direction of BAFTA award winner Alrick Riley. The Sweet Shop will be Seb’s first major role in a feature film.  In this low budget romantic drama, he plays the role of Jarvis Marshall, a rock star with a difficult past trying to put his life on the right track, with the help of the girl who runs the small sweet shop in his hometown.

The Sweet Shop will be dedicated to Seb as a poignant reminder of his work.

For any press enquiries please contact Tom Furr at or call on 01635 44812


6 Responses to “Seb Hurtado”

  1. Vanessa Haywood Says:

    Rest in peace my friend… you will be sorely missed.

  2. Amy Swift Says:

    You will be so sorely missed…such an amazing person and a great friend. Rest in peace…

  3. Diana Jennifer Says:

    Rest in Peace, Seb. Like a star, your soul will shine forever

  4. Debbie B Says:

    Just watched a test screening of the film. He was so good in it, so talented and now such a loss. Tragic.

  5. Marie Says:

    Rest in peace Seb. I was such a fan I still am. I love you 🙂 Such a greeat person.

  6. Gina Mills Says:

    You will be so sadly missed by everyone at Sweet memory’s. RIP Seb. X

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