Interview with Vanessa Haywood – Part 1 The Sweet Shop Movie

Whilst filming The Sweet Shop, we took time out to interview Vanessa Haywood, who plays Shelly. Vanessa’s last film was the oscar nominated ‘District 9’.

Check out part 1 below, part 2 is coming very soon!

You can also follow Vanessa on Twitter by clicking here



4 Responses to “Interview with Vanessa Haywood – Part 1 The Sweet Shop Movie”

  1. mike Says:

    omg its vanessa haywood from district 9 ,and i did love this film ,and anyway shes so gorgeous and very funny ..and i cant wait to watch this film

  2. alphonso Says:

    district 9 ,was one of my best film by far and vanessa haywood was really good .anyway am looking forward to see this film sweetshop ……

  3. chris Says:

    vanessa am one of ur biggest fan ,and i want to marry you ???

  4. Be Original Says:

    Is that a ‘British’ accent after a month in the UK?
    Sure trying hard to be the next Charlize..

    I’ve been a secret fan, but now I am not convinced anymore..

    Will see if you can keep up on a bike my girl!
    Or if you are just a thunder thief…

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