The day job!

I’m Tom and I am the marketing manager of MWS Media. Working at this company is fantastic, at the moment most of the day is filled with promoting our new film (‘The Sweet Shop‘, shameless plug I know). I am lucky enough to meet some interesting people and my goal is to secure distribution for our film!

Being a film company has many benefits. It allows us to use our professional film making skills to take on other jobs too. We take time to show our clients how to intertwine video into a new website project, or create a distinct video to communicate with a certain audience. We understand how to integrate video into their plans and measure a response. We frequently sit alongside the other marketing agencies to contribute the digital and video angle.

To date we have worked with many diverse people including West Berkshire Council, Blue Gold Capital, William Gallas and we have recently won a contract to provide a video prospectus to Eton College. We are experts in working with schools, councils, e-commerce businesses and companies from many other industries.

To put it simply, MWS Media is different because we use our experience in film and our creative skills to help your video project deliver on the bottom line.

If you have a project in mind or would just like to bounce some ideas around in our ‘Blue Room’, give us a call today.

We love having guests its a great excuse to get the biscuits out!

Call MWS Media today on 01635 44812

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